Saturday, August 9, 2008

cat surgery

not really.
this morning our cat tried to eat something that wasn't food (not unusual) and got it stuck in an uncomfortable place in his mouth. he spent several minutes making weird faces and trying to get it out but it wasn't working. alan and i had no idea what was going on and so we had to hold our poor cat down and pry his little mouth open (which he of course hated) and try to figure out what was stuck and where. we finally found the culprit (a piece of fake christmas wreath in alan's closet) and managed to get it out of scoop's teeth. tweezers were involved. and it wasn't pretty. but scoop is all better, and that's all that matters.

happy birthday, sara!


Sara said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful surprise of a shout-out! Last time I had one of those I was 14 and had called the radio station to play the classic "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. (Yes, you heard me.)

So glad to hear Scoop made it out of his predicament with nothing more than a slightly wider smile. Your telling of it was a great birthday story that I'll remember until...well, until at least next year when Scoop tries to one-up himself.

We MUST get together soon. I need to hear more Scoop stories.

olivia said...

agreed! hope you had a fantastic aout-neuf! :)