Friday, February 6, 2009

25 random things {i love} about alan

1. he learned to love cats. for me.

2. when we go out to eat, he always makes me a “perfect bite” of whatever he is eating.

3. he makes up ridiculous songs and sings them quite loudly all day long. these songs normally involve one or both of the cats or serve as some sort of strange musical narrative for whatever we happen to be doing at the moment.

4. he gets lost going to places we’ve never been before. and also going to places we’ve been a hundred times. he puts way to much faith into mapquest and google maps, but he tends to misinterpret or over analyze the directions they give us.

5. he gets incredibly hyper the second he gets home from work. as of yet i have never been able to explain this phenomenon, but it usually leads to bone-crushing hugs, loud noises, crazy cats, and above ridiculous songs.

6 he takes at least two showers a day. what sort of boy does this?

7 he. loves. statues. you should have seen him in paris. why was it that i didn’t even learn this about him until after we were already married? i’d thought i’d known everything about him.

8 he always puts others first. i mean always. sometimes i have to yell at him to make him be a little selfish. i, however, am very good at being selfish.

9 one time there was a plastic spider near him. he screamed like a five-year-old girl and hid under a desk.after that we started a game of hide-the-spider that continues (off and on) to this day.

10 you should see the way he loves his grandpa. it may be the sweetest thing in the world. he always says that grandpa taught him how to be a good man – a good son, a good brother, a good husband. and i must say that grandpa did a damn good job. (thanks!)

11. for some reason, he prefers fruity candy (starburst, skittles, gummy bears) to good candy (also known as chocolate). i love him anyway.

12. he’s my biggest fan (besides maybe my mom). he believes in me more than i do. he brags about me to anyone who’ll listen, but he never brags about himself. i don’t know if this is because he doesn’t know how amazing he is, or if he just doesn’t want to toot his own horn… but i hope that he knows how amazing he is.

13. one time in fredricksburg he drove a four-wheeler straight into a giant pit of the deepest, thickest mud you’ve ever seen. we were surrounded by giant man-eating spiders and we ruined our tennis shoes and we spent the entire afternoon trying to get that thing out of the mud. until then i don’t think i had ever once questioned his judgment.

14. he makes the best mashed potatoes in the world.

15. he doesn’t know anything about music. the only bands he can recognize every time are e.l.o. and boston. he once asked me if janis joplin's piece of my heart was a remake of a faith hill song.

16. he's never been able to say "lackadaisical" right. it bugs me a lot because i'm kinda weird about spelling and pronunciation but i think it's cute.

17. he likes roller coasters even less than i do.

18. he knows every single obscure random fact and rule about football in the entire history of football. he can tell you who won super bowl 22 and what the score was and what the most important play of the game was and which player made that play. and he will tell you all of these things as if he was there.

19. he loves the fact that i like to chase frogs and pick them up. one time i found a snake skin that had been molted and i thought it was fascinating. he looked at me like he wanted to marry me all over again.

20. he reads my blog.

21. when he's nervous or thinking really hard, he rubs his fingernails across his mouth. he doesn't even realize he's doing it until i tell him.

22. when we were in paris at luxembourg garden there was some art piece that he called a "big hairy tv." we sat in front of it and he put one ear bud in each of our ears and played les poissons (from the little mermaid) on the ipod and we drank a bottle of wine and sang along.

23. every time we travel he takes a picture of our tired feet next to each other.

24. he refuses to eat the last bite of a banana.

25. he loves me in spite of my flaws (and i've got a lot of them).


Tanja said...

I've always known he was great, wow, now I know even more reasons why he's great!:o)

chelsea said...

such a sweet guy, and lucky---to have you:)

Andréa said...

that was so sweet. the banana comment was my favorite. Oh alan you are so funny!