Saturday, June 7, 2008

five senses

i love the smell of coffee grinds, salty ocean air, and crayons; i love the smell of my husband's skin and the way it makes everything all right; i love the smell of garlic and onions and peppers being sauteed in a pan; i love the smell of chai and of changing seasons.

i love the sight of mountains in the distance, of feathers floating on a breeze; i love the way that light dances across the bottom of a clear blue swimming pool;i love to watch baby animals as they stumble through the first stages of life; i love the colors of dawn and i love the sight of fireflies against an evening backdrop.

i love the taste of cold cereal with soymilk; i love the complex flavors of very dark chocolate and the way it satisfies my sweet tooth in just the right way; i love the cold sweet burst of fresh citrus on my tongue and the effort it takes to eat a grapefruit; i love cinnamon and i love mushrooms and i love the challenge of spicy foods.

i love the feel of damp grass beneath bare feet and the feel of a perfectly timed gust of wind; i love the weight of a brand new empty sketchbook in my hands and the feel of blank paper; i love the feeling of safety and happiness that comes from being all wrapped up in someone's arms; i love the surface texture of an oil painting; i love the warm vibrations of the satisfied purr of a cat sitting on my feet.

i love the sound of rain falling outside and the thunder that goes along with it sometimes; i love the way that football noises just sound like fall; i love the sound of european police sirens and the sound of fireworks; i love the sound of ducks quacking.

happy birthday, clarence! happy birthday, j.r.!

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Laurie Keller said...

That was absolutely beautiful. Well said!