Friday, June 13, 2008

the today show

i remember the today show being on in the background every morning while my mom and i got ready to go to work and middle school, respectively. i remember matt lauer and bryant gumbel and katie couric reporting the top news stories every day, i remember al roker back when he was still fat, and i remember willard scott and his smuckers birthday reports. they were a party of my everyday life for years.

now that i am out of college [read: waking up earlier than 10:00 am], i have renewed my today show tradition. even though some of the faces have changed, there's something about the familiarity of the jingle and the nbc peacock and al roker's catch phrases that just makes me feel like i'm starting my day off right.

farewell to tim russert, nbc's washington bureau chief and moderator of meet the press. you will be missed.

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