Saturday, July 5, 2008


yesterday we spent the day at alan's great-aunt's house on eagle mountain lake. we got there in the early afternoon and had some time to catch up with aunt m and enjoy the stunning view from the beautiful back yard. our good friends came a little later and brought their impossibly cute 19-month-old daughter with them. the boys played football in the lake while the girls spent most of our time in the shade. dinner was at seven, when we were joined by ten or so of aunt m's friends and neighbors for a ginormous feast of way too much delicious food. once our bellies were full of burgers (mine was a portobello of course) and cobbler (ice cream is vegan, right?), we headed down to the dock for fireworks. we had the best seat in the house! the next-door neighbors must have spent a fortune on their fireworks, and the professional display was only a little farther down on the lake. it was an amazing show at the end of a picture-perfect fourth of july.

happy birthday, sarah!

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Tanja said...

WOW! Talk about an amazing 4th of July! I'm so happy for you!:o)