Tuesday, July 8, 2008

no more migraine

migraines are the worst. i remember the first time i ever got one - i was at work early one morning and suddenly i got a weird scary blind spot and my vision got all crazy. of course i googled "temporary blindness" and convinced myself that i was having a stroke. then i took some aspirin and spent the next couple of hours under my desk avoiding light... and eventually it went away.

i haven't gotten a migraine in a while, but unfortunately one snuck up on me tonight before dinner. i think i caught it pretty early though, because my eyes are back to normal and i only have just a slight headache (and obviously i'm okay enough to be typing at my computer). so, it could have been way worse and i'm just thankful that it's not!


Tanja said...

awww...I hate migraines too! I am SOO happy you're not still in AWFUL pain! Love you!

New York Acupuncturist said...

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