Friday, July 18, 2008

five years

five years ago, at exactly 7:00 pm, alan knocked on my door to take me out to dinner. he opened the door of his red pick-up truck and i climbed in (my very first time in a truck!). we got lost on the way to p.f. chang's, but eventually we found our way there. the wait was pretty long, so we got drinks from the bar, sat down on a bench outside, and got to know each other a little bit better. i think we were both pretty nervous and i, of course, am painfully shy, so i couldn't tell if it was going well or not. when we got to our table, alan ordered lettuce wraps and we proceeded to make ginormous messes of ourselves (ooh how romantic)! for dessert, we shared an order of delicious banana spring rolls.
i guess we weren't quite ready to go home when dinner was over, so we went to a hotel bar where we knew our mutual friend would be working. i told her i didn't know if it was going well or not, and she promptly yelled at him for not talking enough. we talked and talked for a long time - we discovered that we shared a love for the simpsons and the redskins and the movie monsters inc. naturally i suggested that we go watch monsters inc. at my apartment (don't get any funny ideas! i'm not that kind of girl). when we got to my apartment, we discovered that i did not actually have monsters inc. but i was absolutely positively 100% certain that my room mate did. unfortunately, her room was locked, so we had to break in (again, i swear i'm a really nice girl) only to discover that she didn't have it either.
so instead we opened a bottle of wine and watched lilo and stitch. and we got all the way to the end before he asked me, very politely, if i was opposed to kissing on the first date.



elysa said...

room-breaker-iners & movie thieves meant to be

Tanja said...

aw...I have always loved this story and every little detail about it....the room breaking in was new to me though! haha