Friday, September 19, 2008

the aquarium

i love going to the aquarium... i love looking at all the brightly colored fish and losing myself in the fearful grace of the jellyfish. i get a ridiculous sense of childlike joy from the playfulness of mischievous otters. i am endlessly fascinated by tiny seahorses and i could watch penguins dance and swim for hours.


Tanja said...

I SO jealous! Did you go to the aquarium?!

olivia said...

nope not recently... just love it! the biodome in montreal was sort of aquarium-esque, though.

Alex said...

I caught your post on google alerts. If you like the jellyfish at the aquarium, you might be interested in Jellyfish Art. They make high-end custom jellyfish aquariums. There are good pictures and video at