Monday, September 1, 2008

last minute adventures

alan and i were supposed to be leaving for new orleans this friday... as it turns out, the weather had other plans. we cancelled our hotel reservation yesterday and we were pretty bummed about it - not to mention a little stressed at the daunting task of planning an entirely new and different vacation in four days.

we talked about it and talked about it with each other and with our friends and family, and then this morning we booked a trip to montreal, quebec! afterwards we walked over to our friendly neighborhood barnes & noble and picked out a fancy new montreal guidebook... and really we couldn't be more excited! neither of us has ever been to canada, and it's always exciting to get a passport stamp. plus, the french-ness of the city is exciting and the food there is supposed to be amazing. the weather is going to be blissful (highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s!)... and it's just going to be really nice to get out of town.
wish us bon voyage! nous allons a montreal!

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Amanda said...

AMAZING!!!!!!! So jealous and can't wait to hear all about it ( about 2 minutes, when I get to those posts)! xoxo