Sunday, October 19, 2008

adventures in waffle house

friday night, after the gallery opening in corsicana, we all went to waffle house. i probably haven't been to a waffle house since i was eight. it's exactly the same as i remember it - a little dirty, and maybe a little creepy, but with really good food. anyway, after waffles and hash browns were scarfed down by all, we learned that the credit card machine was broken. there were seven of us, and not one of us had any cash.

and so began the wild goose chase.

three of our friends stayed behind (as collateral?), and the rest of us got directions and headed out to find the nearest atm machine - there were supposedly two at the gas stations a couple of minutes down the road. at the first gas station, the machine didn't work. so we went across the street to the other gas station, where the atm wasn't even on. so we got directions to yet another gas station, one which sold every possible color of clip-on hair extension, a twelve-person stick-on sparkly nail set, and a complete assortment of other dusty dollar-store-type finds. the atm, while it may have smelled strongly of gasoline, was miraculously functional. we got our cash and rescued our friends from the crazy yellow restaurant. all this, for what must have been a $23 total tab.

but, it's a good story. one for the grandkids, surely.


Tanja said...

lol yup! and I love the picture!

elysa said...

what do you think? should i order this print & hang it in my kitchen :D