Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my husband

there are about a hundred billion reasons why i am thankful for my husband. i am a lucky lucky girl - to have a husband who gives me daily foot rubs, vacuums without me even having to ask, cleans the litter box, loves the cats i made him get (even though he was always a dog person), leaves silly love notes in my lunch box, brags about me to anyone who will listen, loves my friends and family, makes me laugh all day every day, reads my blog (but never leaves any comments!), watches my girly shows with me, cooks, gives good hugs (and even better kisses), and just...loves me. in spite of my [many, many, many] flaws.

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Tanja said...

I agree, your husband is fabulous!! I am so grateful you have him AND he has you!!!:o) I feel very loved by him as a friend and I am grateful for that as well!