Sunday, October 12, 2008

my friends

i talk a lot about how amazing my friends are - and it's true.
i have the friends that i've known since third grade (and beyond), who literally grew up with me, who mean as much to me now as they ever did. i have friends that i met my first year of college, who have been by my side through the roller coaster of emotions and experiences that define that era of my life. i have friends that i met after starting college and after finishing college that have taught me so much about myself and about the world.
my friends are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, patient, forgiving, and kind. they have held me up in my weakest moments, and they have celebrated with me in my happiest moments. we have shared countless stories and adventures and outfits and drinks and cds and everything else imaginable.
i've never been very good at expressing how much they all mean to me - it's nearly impossible to do so with words anyway. i just hope they know that i love them, that i would do anything for them. and i hope that i can be the kind of friend who deserves their friendship too.


Tanja said...

awwwww.... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Amanda said...

and i'm crying now...dido (i've never been able to articulate my feelings as well as you...and i'm crying so i can't think!) i love you tons and bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!