Sunday, January 18, 2009

a study in cat personalities

the big cat is a big chunk of tummy and fur. he lives for meal times, and you'd better believe that he will let you know when meal time is. he has been known to chew through a bag of cat food. as much as he loves to eat, he doesn't care much for human food (with the exception of strawberry yogurt). he has a curious fascination with empty carrot bags but no use for actual carrots. he will take any opportunity to jump into an open box or drawer. he sleeps most of the day and only plays with the occasional sock or ice cube. he only seeks out attention first thing in the morning and first thing when his parents get home from work (although he will happily accept a good brushing any time of day). other than that, he can be found napping somewhere in the closet. he is very quiet with a soft meow that he uses very rarely and a big purr that he uses liberally. he can open drawers and cabinets and he likes heights. he will happily spend the entire night curled up at his parents' feet.

the little cat is all awkward skin and bones (and ears). he likes cat food and all, but what he really wants is human food. he has been known to steal cheese straight out of his dad's hand. he recognizes the milk carton and whines until he gets what he wants. he eats things off of the ground that aren't necessarily even food. he could care less about boxes and drawers and prefers to spend his time following people around and "helping". he has a curious fascination with toes and chap stick. he plays with everything all day long. he wants attention all day long. he is the definition of a lap cat. he has a very loud and very strange meow and he knows how to use it. when he isn't talking he's purring. he loves to cuddle but he gets unusually {obnoxiously} hyper at bed time.

they are polar opposites, and we love them both with all our hearts.

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Tanja said...

I'm SO happy you posted again...I was getting withdrawal symptoms! I need you to blog all the time! I need my Olivia fix haha :o)