Saturday, January 10, 2009

what i've been up to...

so here's the update on what's been going on in my life so far in 2009...

i spent new year's eve with my hubby and two of my best girlfriends, eating sushi and drinking champagne. they came by afterwards to see my new apartment and take pictures and drink more {pink!} champagne. i was in my pj's by eleven and asleep by midnight-thirty. it may sound tame but it was one of the best new year's eves i've had in a long time!

new year's day was a good lazy day, spent on the couch mostly, watching football and reading the second book in the twilight series. i must say that if there was any doubt in anyone's mind that i am a fourteen-year-old girl trapped in a twenty-five-year-old's body, it's definitely gone now. oh well.

alan and i went to canton for first monday trade days. there's no way to explain canton to people who have never been to canton. it's like a giant flea market with a whole bunch of crap to buy and food and maybe the best people-watching outside of the state fair. plus dogs. lots and lots of dogs. i fell in love with a blue-eyed dachshund and a beautiful husky, but alan reminded me that our cats would break up with us if we came home with a dog. in the end i came home with a vintage sugar sack and a tummy full of roasted corn and salsa samples.

i found out that my new car gets 32 miles to the gallon!

we had the seventh edition of our girls' slumber party, which was more fun than you can possibly believe. we went shopping, we ate sushi, we exchanged five-dollar christmas gifts, we baked cookies. we watched a movie about girlfriends that should have been good but definitely wasn't, and then to erase the bad-ness of that movie we watched three happy episodes of sex and the city. we went to bed at two and in the morning (well, okay, at noon) alan and i made vegan pancakes for everyone. yum yum! elysa can tell you more...

alan and i got to go to pappadeaux (best food this side of new orleans) with his family to celebrate his brother's 24th birthday. i cannot tell a lie: i ate some crawfish. and birthday cake. the vegan police are on their way.

other than that, i went back to work for the first five-day week in what seems like forever. two three-day weeks will do that to a person, i suppose. it's good to get back into a normal routine, and it's good to have my whole team back too. plus, i got to reward myself with a "fancy friday" soy chai latte at work yesterday morning and a super-fun girls' happy hour last night after work. i would say that this week was a success!

and so far, i can't really say that i have any complaints about 2009, either.

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