Saturday, January 31, 2009


i seem to be on a bit of a tapas kick lately.

last weekend we had brunch with my parents at a lovely little peruvian tapas restaurant in dallas. everything was good, from the little fried corn appetizer to the subtle salad dressing to the grilled veggies. everything had its own unique flavor, and, just as important, the decor was absolutely beautiful. even the bathroom was gorgeous.

last night alan took me on one of our surprise dates to a barcelonian tapas place (we're planning on taking a trip to barcelona sometime this year). it was completely different of course, but it was amazing. the decor was distinctly european looking. i could have eaten everything on the menu (i feel like we got pretty close to doing that, actually)! we had vegetarian paella and pan tomate and grilled asparagus and some sort of ridiculous cheese croquette, and we topped it off with cappucino and a traditional barcelonian dessert. after dinner, we went home and watched l'auberge espagnole, a french movie about a young parisian man who goes to live in barcelona for a year and how the city and the people he meets change his life. and all of it just made me want to go to barcelona that much more.


CertainlySara said...

I've seen that movie! I watched it not knowing what it was but trying desperately to pick up some French in preparation for my travel to Paris and surrounding areas.

I'm not sure just how successful that notion was...

olivia said...

when are you going to paris? i've found that french is much easier to read than to try and understand. for some reason is sounds like unintelligible mush when it comes out of people's mouths... beautiful mush, but still mush.