Sunday, March 1, 2009


i've got lots of things to celebrate lately. lots of birthdays, of course, and then the fact that the craziness of birthday month is finally behind me now, too. one of our friend-couples got engaged in december and are getting married in april - which means i get to be all the wedding-crazy i want to be without any of the bride stress. i designed the invitations and i'm on the party-planning committee for the shower and bachelorette party and i'm going to make a hundred pretty little cupcakes for the reception and i love every minute of it! two of my girlfriends are pregnant, which means that when the wedding is over i get to plan at least one baby shower and buy at least two pairs of tiny baby socks. and my mom and stepdad bought a beautiful new house! unfortunately, it's in upstate new york, which is a little farther away than i ever thought i'd be from my mommy, but i know they'll be so happy there. and i know it will be a great place to visit!


chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, that's so far away. I'm happy for your mom, though. I understand the feeling, I had a tough time when my mommy moved far away. She still lives in Texas, but it takes 7 hours to get there so she might as well live somewhere beautiful and further away. I know you and Alan will have fun traveling there and enjoying the winter snow next Christmas.

Tanja said...

wow! what a great place to visit though! love you!