Saturday, November 15, 2008

mini socks

okay so i know i already posted about baby shoes, and just thinking about them makes me swoon, but it turns out that i am so not alone! i went to a baby shower today for a friend that i went to college with and also worked with and when we went shower-gift-shopping last night the baby section at target was enough to make me cry from cuteness... i couldn't resist buying a pair of little giraffe bootie-socks along with the much more practical (but much less adorable) baby monitor. and today at the shower i found out that pretty much every other woman there had done the same thing... present plus ridiculously cute socks equals perfect shower gift! brilliant!

congratulations, tracie!

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Tanja said...

I spent ALL day and night with my godson Benjamin yesterday, so I understand. :o) Now, I know what you're a sucker for and I can get you that when YOU'RE pregnant, far in the future, naturally.:o)