Monday, March 24, 2008

wedding crazies

i have this crazy picture in my office of me and alan hugging amanda (one of my very best friends ever) at her wedding. alan is kissing amanda's forehead and holding my shoes (which were both insanely cute and ridiculously uncomfortable), and amanda and i are smiling our ginormous happy smiles...

that whole day was so amazing, and the picture just reminds me so much of how crazy that time in our lives really was, only about a year ago. amanda and george got married three weeks before alan and i did. she was my matron of honor, and i was her maid of honor, and so we went through this absolutely obsessive-compulsive period of nonstop wedding planning hysteria together, which i'm sure made us look like complete lunatics to anyone and everyone else we knew or met along the way. not to mention i made our invitations and our dresses!

it was pure madness, and i don't think either of us realized how exhausting the whole process really was, but i loved it, and i would not change one moment or trade the experience for anything else in the world. what an amazing life this has been - when the girl i met in third grade girl scouts and who stole my best friend in fifth grade (yes i still give her a hard time about that!) grew up to be my matron of honor, and i got to be such a huge part of her wedding too.

happy anniversary, amanda and george!

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Michelle & the City said...

that is so nice though that you guys were able to share that special moment in your lives together. :)