Tuesday, June 16, 2009

april: birthday fun

april is the best month, as we all know, because it is my birthday month. on april 11th, i turned 26 (in case you want to get me a belated birthday gift).

my birthday fell on a saturday this year. alan threw me a party on the friday before my bday, because we had plans on the 11th. two of my oldest and very best friends were in from out of town - carolyn was in town from boulder, and amanda came up from austin. they came over early and we had some time to catch up. other friends arrived early and we all got to hang out and talk before walking over to the restaurant for dinner and more drinks. i was so happy to have all my favorite people there with me! after dinner, everyone came back over to our apartment and we continued the celebration into the wee hours of the night. lots of laughing and talking and craziness (and thankfully no cops this time). there was hello kitty birthday cake even! carolyn and amanda stayed the night, so after the rest of the guests trickled out, we all stayed up talking even later. i think we went to bed around 3 a.m...
i hadn't had a birthday party in probably three years, so i know i'm out of practice, but i honestly can't think of a more perfect one than that.

the next day, on my actual birthday, we headed over to our family friends' (might as well be family) house for an almost-easter cookout with them and my parents. my mom and stepdad were leaving early the next morning for their new home in upstate new york... and everyone was just fine until it was time to go. then the tears started coming. and i cried the ugly cry. i just wasn't prepared for it, i guess. i'd always thought that i'd be the one to move away from them, not the other way around.
for the most part, i'm doing okay about the whole thing. i miss my parents, of course, but i know that they're happy and that's what really matters. i have to admit that i cried once in a barnes & noble because of their stupid mother's day display, but other than little moments like that, i'm good. i'm lucky enough to have all kinds of practically-family family in my life, not to mention wonderful in-laws. i wouldn't mind a hug from my mommy every once in a while though.


chelsea said...

Ahhh...I know just how you feel. My parents only moved 8 hours away (in college) but it seemed so far. The good news is now you have a nice cool place to visit in the summer and snow to see in the winter. You could actually have a White Christmas!

Tanja said...

and I don't blame because your mommy is wonderful!!! yay to her being happy and boo to her being so far away now!:o(

Anonymous said...

OMG you're just breaking my heart. . . Don't cry in book stores, just call me and I will hug you over the phone. I still love you mta, and always will - Mommy