Monday, June 15, 2009

april: wedding fun

i had the honor of co-hosting a bridal shower and a bachelorette party with good girlfriends for a good girlfriend.

the bridal shower was actually at the end of march, and it was just lovely; i'd never seen the bride-to-be so happy! we had a "bling bride" theme, with ring pops, tiaras, candy necklaces, etc. it was fun to meet and spend a little time with her family and friends (her mom was just adorable). we played silly games, we drank mimosas, and watched the bride blush as she opened her sexier gifts. then we ate that gorgeous cake (yum!). the whole thing made me remember that happy happy time in my life... seems like only yesterday - i can't believe it was two years ago!!!

the next weekend, we threw her bachelorette party. it was a slumber party - ten girls in our pjs (we got all-white bridal pjs for the bride-to-be), playing games, drinking champagne punch, giggling and talking about girl things... basically being super girly. and the "passion party" portion of the evening was incredibly entertaining. mostly, though, i just enjoyed the quality time with some of my favorite ladies.

the wedding was a few weeks later, and it was beautiful. the bride was beautiful. it was a small wedding and the reception was intimate - good food, good friends, and good wine. the father of the bride cried during his toast. what more could you ask for?

congratulations, jen and zack!

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