Saturday, December 13, 2008

someone i can count on

i take for granted sometimes just how blessed i am to have a husband like alan. he is the definition of a stand-up man; he is loyal, and loving, and i know that i can always always count on him in any situation.

today has been a hard day. we had to run about a billion errands this morning in a town that we don't know to prepare for a holiday party that we're having tonight (two weeks after moving in). this afternoon, unfortunately, i had to go to a funeral for a good friend's little brother. when i was halfway to dallas, my car overheated and i had to pull over. i called my husband and he came right away - he took me the rest of the way to dallas (i wasn't even late) and then went back to my car and drove it to a shop in plano. he took a cab from the shop to his truck and as soon as he got home, he had to come right back out to dallas to pick me up. he never made me feel guilty about any of it, even though the timing couldn't have been worse and i know we were both beyond stressed.

life gets scary. you can plan as much as you want, but you can't predict anything. it can be stressful, and terrible, and wonderful, and magical - it's just nice to know that i have someone i can count on the whole way through.

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