Tuesday, December 16, 2008

texas winter

today was the first ice of this year's texas winter for me. i accidentally parked outside last night instead of in the garage, and as a result i had a considerably thick layer of frozenness on my windshields, mirrors, and windows this morning. i warmed my car up for about 10 minutes and then scraped for another 20 minutes (with a credit card, as i do not own an ice scraper because i live in texas)... it sucked, but it usually only happens once or twice a year so i could deal with it (although i sure did park in the garage when i got home from work today). and in the next couple of days the temperature will be back up to 70 degrees. gotta love those texas winters.

1 comment:

Tanja said...

aw lol I would say get an ice scraper but you have a parking garage. I have an ice scraper in my glove box.;o)