Sunday, March 30, 2008

surprise dates, or, they followed us!

alan and i take each other on surprise dates once a month.

the rules are as follows: when it is my turn to take my hubby on a date, i have to plan it all by myself with no help from alan. i can spend up to $40 (and no more!) on my date. all i can tell him is when the date will be and what kind of clothes to wear, and he finds out the rest when we get there. it makes for some creative dates, and a nice change from our normal routine of sitting on the couch (which i love! don't get me wrong).

yesterday it was my turn to take alan on a date, and i took him to the arboretum for dallas blooms. he had never been there before (!), which i think is both ridiculous and wrong. and so of course i had to remedy that particular situation.

the weather was nice - a little chilly and not very sunny, but perfect for all of the walking around that we did. the flowers were beautiful, of course. we saw butterflies and squirrels and like four brides and one quinceanera having portraits done. the best part? the US DUCKS FOLLOWED US THERE!!! ha!


Tanja said...

I love the tradition ya'll do! Love ya'll!

Andrea said...

That is the cutest, most creative idea. Maybe hubs and I need to do that, when Brady comes. It will, at the very least, get us out of the house!