Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i love lamp

and yes, that is an anchorman reference.

so anyway i think it must be one of the rules of being a grown-up that is to blame for the fact that i have suddenly and mysteriously developed a strong affinity for lamps. when did this happen? i don't remember ever noticing a lamp in my life. then i graduated from college and got married and all of the sudden i'm obsessed? perhaps it was the fact that after i got married i traded in my wedding shows for hgtv. it was all downhill from there i suppose.

my first lamp love was west elm's branch lamp. we bought two of them. they are beautiful. until recently they resided in our living room. now they live in our bedroom...

...because, on monday, fate stepped in and brought me to pier one, a store that i have never purchased anything from in my entire life, and i came face to face with these gorgeous and oh-so-perfect-for-our-living-room lamps. and on sale, no less! perfection. i am officially smitten.

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