Sunday, May 25, 2008

long weekends, part 1

alan and i are off to a pretty good start this long weekend.
friday night we took it easy - i think we were both still tired from our crazy weeks at work. we did a little bit of shopping, followed by a little bit of grocery shopping. we watched the season finale of grey's anatomy that we had missed on thursday night (thank you, dvr!).
yesterday, we both slept in, but somehow we managed to make it to our late-morning couple's massage. after lunch we saw indiana jones (i'm proud of us - we haven't seen a movie in the theater since... i don't know... harry potter maybe? anyway). we took a walk, and then that evening we went to our friends' house for a birthday-party-cookout. it was so good to see so many of our friends (it's been a while)! we were home and in bed by midnight-thirty, and scoop let me sleep till 9:30 this morning!!! he must know how much i need to catch up on my sleep.

and now... breakfast!

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