Friday, May 9, 2008

my first "real" job

yesterday was my last day at my first "real" job. i was there for almost two years, and i still don't think my brain understands that i don't work there anymore. i am starting a new job on monday, and i couldn't be more excited about that, but today i'm feeling pretty thankful for my first "real" job...

i am so thankful to my favorite college professor, who not only taught me so much while i was in school, but also told me about the job opening and recommended me to the art director.
i am so thankful to the company that took a chance on me, a new college graduate with little to no graphic/textile design knowledge and no "real" work experience.
i am so thankful for everything i learned there over the past two years.
i am so thankful for the people i worked with there. i'm going to miss them all so much.
my boss was the sweetest most adorable woman ever. she taught me so much, and had so much patience with me. she gave us taiwanese lessons all the time, although i didn't retain any of it. she has excellent taste. and nothing in the world is cuter than when she curses.
there were only three of us in the art department, and my other co-artist was so much like me (except for the fact that she was like three feet taller than me) it was almost a little scary at times. we were in the same classes in college but we never really got to know each other until we were working together. she was my carpool buddy, my vegan/environmentalist buddy (although she's way better at being vegan i am), my walking buddy, and my bfw (best friend at work - don't worry, we made that up).
our design vp was fabulous as well. she was sassy and hilarious, she always told the cutest stories about her little boy, and she knew all the best celebrity gossip too.
the designers and assistant designers were all so cool, so much fun, and so supportive. we all got along really well, and i like to think most of us actually truly enjoyed each other. i know that's so rare in a workplace.

overall, working there was really a great experience, and i am thankful for it. i am sad to leave, but i am beyond excited about the opportunities that await me at my new job. i'm looking forward to learning even more, doing even more, and growing even more. and i will never forget my first "real" job.

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