Saturday, May 10, 2008

the sewing room

alan and i have been living in this apartment for almost four years. it seems like it couldn't possibly have been that long, but it's true. it is the perfect size for us and our crazy little cat.

i've been especially lucky to have my own sewing room (and my own closet!). i remember when i was living in my first apartment and i had to put my sewing machine on the dining room table and my poor roommates had to listen to me sewing (and cursing) at all hours of the night. (love you girls, by the way!) then when we moved into this apartment i had an entire room all to myself, for all of my sewing projects and fabric and miscellaneous arts and crafts. i spent the better part of my college existence in my sewing room. it's crazy to think about it now.

but the craziest thing to me is that i never even tried to decorate it. this is the room where i come to be creative and artsy and to make beautiful things, and i never really bothered to put beautiful things into it.

...until today. i printed out a bunch of artwork that inspires me and i bought a bunch of frames and i hung everything up and i absolutely love it! it's still a work in progress, but i definitely feel so much happier walking into an art room that actually has art in it. who knew?

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elysa said...

that's so funny for the past week I've been thinking I need to decorate my office. It's so uninspiring with a whole lotta nothing on the walls. I wanna see your artified sewing room!