Sunday, February 3, 2008


so the thing about football is that i never really cared about it that much until i met alan.

before that, i used to work in a sports bar type situation for a while and i had learned to pretend i cared about football, but in reality i didn't know anything about it and i only cared about it to the extent that it might affect my income (happy fans = bigger tips).

however, i was born in washington, d.c. and i was raised a redskins fan, regardless of whether or not i even knew what that meant. living in dallas, you don't meet many redskins fans. at all. i have my suspicions that my allegiance to the redskins, and not my superior first date skills, is what earned me a second date with alan, but i suppose i'll never really know... over time, i learned more about the game and grew to genuinely enjoy watching it. it's been such a bonding experience for us - we watch every game; we go to see our team when they come to dallas every year; we celebrate the victories and mourn every loss, on and off the field.

for a lot of people, football is just a game. and i understand that - i used to be one of those people. but the thing about football (and any other sport) is that it brings people together. today, on this most sacred day of football, i am thankful for the game itself, and for how it has changed my life and brought me that much closer to the people i love most.

oh and p.s. go giants!!!

photo by scott and tem juarez

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