Monday, February 18, 2008


i have to say that i probably would not have very many friends if it weren't for the existence of extroverts. i myself am painfully shy, and very quiet (until you get to know me, anyway. then i won't shut up. you'll beg me to shut up).

anyway, i met most of my best friends because of the outgoingness of others:

carolyn is as outgoing as they come. i think i was hiding in the corner at after-school care, pretending to be outrageously fascinated with my notebook, when she came up to me and asked me what i was drawing. nearly thirteen years later and we are still the best of friends.

amanda is the type of person who could be friends with a rock. five seconds after meeting her you are hugging her and telling her your life story.

i met elysa (not an extrovert) and eventually hollie because of elysa's incredibly outgoing friend kaity, who poked her head into my dorm room on the first day of moving in and introduced herself and elysa.

yea ri followed me home from design class and yelled at me until i talked to her.

and then there's tanja, who i met during an all-night art-project-finishing extravaganza in our dorm's community art room. i don't think i had ever met her before, and suddenly she was at my side telling me her life story (which i tease her about constantly, but i think is the greatest thing ever). we spent the rest of the night getting to know each other (and of course finishing our art projects) and were the first ones in the dorm cafeteria when it opened, where we ate raisin bran and continued talking and talking and talking. it's hard to believe that was almost seven years ago!

and so today i am thankful for all of the extroverts out there, who make this world a friendlier place to be.

happy birthday, tanjarine!

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Tanja said...

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. I love you! PS good picture...AND I forgot about the Raisin Bran!:o)