Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the balance

sometimes life gets in the way of the important stuff... deadlines and meetings and bills and the ten million other things that you have to keep track of in a given day have a way of making you forget to take time out for the good stuff - dinner with a good friend, a purring cat in your lap, a quiet daydream, catching up with a loved one. it's things like these that make life worth living, but it's these same things that often get pushed aside when life gets hectic. it's important to find the balance - i'm still working on it, and i probably will be for a long time. but i'm genuinely thankful for all of the aspects of my life that require balancing: i have amazing friends, an extensive and loving family, a fantastic job, the most incredible husband, two crazy cats (one of which is purring on my lap at this very moment)... i could go on and on.


chelsea said...

i found your blog, and it's so very olivia. i love it. it was great seeing you last night:)

olivia said...

you too!!!