Saturday, November 1, 2008


alan and i signed a lease on a new apartment this morning, and we're getting pretty excited about moving at the end of the month.
no, i don't like the process of moving, but i will admit it has its advantages. it allows you to really take stock of everything you own and get rid of a whole lot of stuff that you don't need/want/even remember buying. and it's exciting to start over in a whole new place - decorating and organizing and figuring out where you'll shop for groceries and where you'll go to eat sushi.
so, yes, when it comes down to it, i suppose i am thankful for moving.


Andréa said...

Oh, that is awesome news. Hey, I think we are going to have a garage sale next weekend (not this one but next) if you guys want to get rid of some stuff. We can put your stuff in an extra pile and just give you guys the loot.

Let me know?

olivia said...

i definitely will! i'm sure there will be more stuff we need to get rid of. is it the weekend of the 7th or the 14th?

Tanja said...

awww yay and where is the new home?!