Sunday, November 16, 2008

garage sale-ness

garage sales are the best! thanks to the lovely miss andrea, who invited us to participate in her garage sale yesterday, alan and i were able to sell a whole bunch of crap (not that it was crap...but...well yeah it was mostly crap) that had been hiding in our small apartment for who knows how long. it was a bitterly cold morning, but the company was good and we ended up making over a hundred dollars for stuff that we were going to just drop off at the dumpster! we donated what we didn't sell, and we both feel like a giant weight has been lifted. the purging-and-packing process continues, and we just keep getting more and more excited as we get closer to the moving date!
thanks, andrea (and family)!


Anonymous said...

If you have some valuables left over from your sale you can announce them in your own free online garage sale.

Good Luck

Tanja said...

aw yay! and ps sad news: I won't be going to your party because I'll be in Miami for my friend's wedding:o)

Andréa said...

You two were a pleasure! anytime! tell A go giants!! :)