Sunday, November 23, 2008

the angel tree

when i was little, my mommy and i used to adopt an angel from the salvation army angel tree at northpark every year. we would have so much fun shopping for our angel - it was quality time spent with each other doing something good for someone less fortunate. it's one of my favorite memories.

this year, we're carrying on the tradition. instead of buying normal christmas gifts, we're spending quality time with the people we love and shopping for angels from the angel tree. we all agree that none of us needs anything, and if there is anything that we truly need or want, we all have the means to buy it for ourselves. but there are plenty of people who don't, and they are the ones we should be buying gifts for. that's the real meaning of christmas - doing good deeds, spending time with loved ones, and being thankful for all of life's gifts.

today we went angel shopping with my parents for a family of four brothers and sisters, all under the age of ten. it was so much fun looking at toys and clothes and picking out the very best ones for our children. when we went to drop off our goodies, alan and i picked up two more angels - an elderly woman and another little girl - who we can shop for with his parents.

i know i can't fix everything that's wrong with the world, but it's nice to know that i can help make a few peoples' christmas a little bit brighter.

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