Monday, February 4, 2008

grown-up toys

this weekend, alan and i purchased the best grown-up toy that ever existed in the whole world ever: the dyson dc07 all floors vacuum. we were grocery shopping at our local mass-merchandiser when alan saw it. on sale. at a ridiculous price.

so, i put my foot down. we have been needing to replace our dinosaur of a vacuum since before i can remember. it is ginormous, heavy, moody, noisy, and all it does is push stuff around instead of sucking it up. not to mention the cord is way too short... or should i say, was. it is no longer with us.

the glory of the dc07 can not be put into mere words. it is quiet, it has all kinds of fun and useful attachments, and it is completely bagless. the amount of filth that it removed from our carpets was quite disgusting. and the cord is so long! we have vacuumed three times since we got it. i think alan is secretly in love with it. i think i am secretly okay with that. who knew i would ever get so freakishly excited over a vacuum cleaner?


PixieVonAzia said...

oh I'm jealous you have that vaccum. I know alot of people who have it and say that it works great. I only have a copycat but still works great =)

Laurie said...

I'm jealous too! That vacuum makes me want to clean more. Currently rocking a bagless Bissel - it's just not the same:)