Monday, March 17, 2008

kitchen toys

most people who love kitchen toys as much me most likely cook more often than i do. oh well. i'll learn one of these days.

anyway, a few months ago we [finally] spent all of the rest of our wedding-gift-related-gift-cards to buy the most beautiful kitchenaid stand mixer ever. it really is pretty. and somehow owning it makes me feel like a real grownup... even if i have yet to mix anything with it. alan has used it a couple of times so i think that counts maybe.

happy st. patrick's day!


Tanja said...

LOL, yeah that counts. Ah, besides what's wrong with having a man that cooks/bakes a bit or a lot more than you? I totally enjoy Tom cooking for me,and then I do the dishes. Fine by me.:o)

Andrea said...

YAY! Oooh! I have the BEST apple pie recipe if your up for being creative. It uses your new mixer :) just let me know if you feel like baking :) (PS there is no butter or dairy)

olivia said...

update! i used the mixer all by myself on sunday! i'm a chef!!! ;)