Monday, March 3, 2008

moving day

alan and i spent saturday helping some of our good friends move into their very first home! alan and the mister have been friends since high school, and i have known the mrs. since my freshman year of college (she is the one who introduced me to my hubby!).

right after they got married, they moved to army-land in the-middle-of-nowhere new york, and he was deployed to iraq... he got to come home for two weeks over the next valentine's day and they made a beautiful baby girl who was born in the winter of 2006. thankfully he came home safe and sound from iraq and finished out his time on the base. the whole family just moved back to texas a few months ago and up until this saturday had been living with her parents.

i'm just so proud and happy for them to be taking this step in their life together. and it's amazing to think that one day that could be alan and me -- moving into a home and starting a family... when did we become grown-ups??? did i sign off on that?

p.s. i had the honor of kicking off the abc's of being a twenty-something on!

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Tanja said...

awwww that's so great!