Saturday, March 22, 2008

the new tv

so, as i have mentioned before, my husband is not capable of making a purchase over the amount of, say, five dollars without "sleeping on it" for roughly 6 months. and this is why, until just a couple of weeks ago, we had been "shopping" for a tv since september. we knew exactly what we wanted. we just couldn't take the plunge and buy the stupid thing. and by "we" i mean alan, of course.

oh, the sleepless nights. the back-and-forth. the endless checking of websites.

well, ladies and gentlemen, i am happy to report that the television has been purchased. it is in our apartment. it looks quite lovely on our tv stand. it is one of the greenest televisions out there. and the hd-ness is amazing, i must say, especially during lost (or anything on the discovery channel!). although the best part may be that we can stop thinking about the stupid tv!!!

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