Tuesday, March 11, 2008

smell memory #3652: pitkin

when i opened the coffee canister this morning, the smell made me think of pitkin, a tiny town in the mountains of colorado where alan's family has spent their summers since alan was a little boy. i have been lucky enough to go there with him the past two summers. the days there get hot, but the mountain mornings are always cold, and we spend them on the porch in our pjs with warm mugs of coffee. the dogs play in the yard and bark at people walking by. neighbors and friends walk in without knocking and help themselves to a mug of their own (you don't need to tell them where they're kept -- they already know). life there is simple and easy, and it's set against the most beautiful backdrop you could ever imagine.

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Tanja said...

see smells jump-bolt memories, and ya'll laugh when I say something smells like Germany. See, you understand!:o)