Sunday, March 16, 2008


i'm sure it's just the ridiculous organizational junkie in me, and probably a little bit of the closet math nerd too, but man i love a good spreadsheet.
i make spreadsheets for everything i possibly can. excel spreadsheets helped me plan and pay for my wedding, not to mention organize our guest list and addresses. i used a spreadsheet to create a budget that allowed us to pay off our credit card debt and start saving for the future. i use one every year to keep track of our christmas gift list and budget - i start christmas shopping in august and we're usually mostly done by the end of november. i have a spreadsheet that i use to record how much we've saved at costco since we joined a couple months ago. i don't know why.
spreadsheets are just the best thing ever.


Andrea said...

You seriously crack me up! I love spreadsheets too! They just make life better!

Tanja said...

LOL, maybe I should use spreadsheets instead of everything on paper. It is better for the environment,but I LOVE the feel of paper and pen.