Saturday, January 12, 2008

saturday morning clean sweep

my saturday morning ritual involves coffee, my computer, and at least two episodes of clean sweep on TLC. i am an organizational junkie... something about organized, uncluttered spaces just inspires me. i myself am not the most organized uncluttered person in the world, but i'm getting there. i can't tell you how much stuff we have sold, thrown away, or donated to good will. i'm not sure when the uncluttering process began, but the whole thing is completely addictive! it's such an amazing feeling of freedom to have fewer things, to truly love the things that you do have, and to know where your things are when you want them.
almost inevitably, watching my clean sweep on saturday mornings inspires me to declutter or organize something, even if it is something small. and so, thanks to clean sweep and organizational guru peter walsh, i always start out my saturday with a tiny feeling of productivity and accomplishment.

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Richard said...

I personally like to watch people keep things clean and neat for me. Unfortunately, the only one around is Putt-Putt, and he just likes to dance to the taco!---> Uncluttering oneself is not easily done, especially for a person that likes to have fun!