Sunday, February 24, 2008


i am no good at naps. it always takes me way to long to fall asleep and way too long to wake up. i'm a groggy grouchy mess for hours after a nap.

however, this morning at approximately 3:42 am i woke up and found myself under attack by what could only have been those gross scary bad guys from the mucinex commercials. for the next three hours i was up and out of bed every six and a half minutes (only a rough estimate) to blow my nose and/or cough up nastiness into the sink. finally i gave up and got out of bed, thinking i would be able to go about my normal everyday routine and be just fine.


at noon i took my puffy-eyed mess of a mucus ball booty back to bed. for like three hours. and it was awesome.
i still woke up all groggy and grounchy, and it still took me like a million hours (i know! long time!) to fully recover, but i feel so much better. i don't feel great, but at least i'm not dealing with crazy fatigue in addition to all the other junk.

now back to the oscars. hello, jon stewart. :)


Tanja said...

AH! here's the blog to explain yuckiness.....yeah mucus is yucky! sorry babe! I hope it ALL goes away!

Andrea said...

Aww, I really hope you didn't get sick here. I promised I Dyson'd :) Thanks again for ALL the work you guys put into it. SImply amazing!