Wednesday, February 27, 2008


dear tivo,

you are, without a doubt, the best gift i ever got that i never even thought i wanted.

you have revolutionized the way i watch television.
i haven't seen a commercial in months. you allow me to watch every single episode of my beloved oprah, even though i am never home at 4pm on weekdays. i no longer have to schedule my social/work/love life around a primetime television show, and i never have to miss one show just because it is on at the exact same time as another show that i want to watch. you alone kept me sane during the writers' strike with your endless supply of hgtv and food network programming. no more "reading" or "talking" when there's nothing on tv -- there is always something on tv. you even suggest other shows for me to watch!

thank you for making my life complete. and also disgusting.

with love,

happy birthday, andrea!

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Tanja said...

ah yes, TiVo, a girl's best friend and enemy. I am glad I don't have it anymore, and TV channels for that matter. haha
love you girl!