Monday, February 11, 2008

sunday life

well, football season is officially over. it was quite a year.

my favorite team made it to the playoffs after a less than spectacular season and the tragic loss of a star player. they beat their biggest rival in the last game of the regular season. the best coach they have ever had retired (again). two of their former stars were voted into the hall of fame (finally!). they recently hired a new head coach, and who knows how that's going to go. no one will ever be joe.
and somehow the giants managed to win the superbowl. i think i'm still in shock! good for them. i think the good guys deserved to win that one.
all three redskins that played in the pro bowl yesterday honored their late teammate sean taylor (who was also voted into the pro bowl) by wearing number 21 on their jerseys. the nfc won the game.

and so the 2007 nfl season has officially come to a close. this season will not soon be forgotten, at least not by me. it has been a rollercoaster indeed... and while i will miss the weekly games, i am certainly thankful for the small amount of freedom that will be added back into my weekends.

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