Saturday, February 2, 2008

happy groundhog day

punxsutawney phil made his official prediction today, and it looks like we're in for six more weeks of winter.
thank goodness we have our nintendo wii! we decided we wanted one about four months ago, and of course they've been impossible to find since then. alan started stalking gamestop and walmart and target and everywhere else he could think of that might have a wii and he finally found one on wednesday!

i'm not a video game person; my favorite video games of all time include arcade-style galaga and super mariokart for the nintendo 64. anything more sophisticated than that will both intimidate and terrify me. but the wii is the most fun i've ever had playing a video game, and i love the fact that it gets us off the couch (and the fact that i can kick alan's booty at baseball)! the perfect indoor activity to keep us busy for six more weeks!

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