Thursday, February 28, 2008


in the mornings most days i get to see the sun rise as i get ready for work. i love to watch the colors change so dramatically and beautifully in what seems like only a minute... my favorite is how the horizon can exist in such bright brilliant oranges and reds while the top of the sky is still deep dark blue. when you view the sunrise (and its reflection on the lake) through the black silhouettes of the trees outside our third floor window, it just looks like a painting, or a dream... and as the blues get lighter and lighter, the clouds reflect brilliant pinks and oranges, and there seems to be so much hope in them for this new day. i try to take at least one timy moment to admire each sunrise, for they are all so different and the next one is certainly not guaranteed.

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Tanja said...

You inspire me to want to open up my shades, since I have no blinds, and allow people to see me naked, JUST so that I can see the sunrise too!!!