Sunday, April 13, 2008

disney songs

okay. i don't know if i really even need to write anything on this subject.

is there anybody out there who doesn't know every single word to every single song of every single disney movie they ever saw? can you even watch a disney movie without singing along to every song? amazing, isn't it, that you can go ten years without seeing the little mermaid and then the second ariel starts singing "look at this stuff..." the words come right back to you and you're all about it? (let's not kid ourselves, i could never go ten years without watching the little mermaid.) and the same goes for sleeping beauty, aladdin, and beauty and the beast, and the lion king. just try not to burst into song when princess jasmine and aladdin are flying around on that magic carpet singing "a whole new world."

happy birthday to peabo bryson (april 13, 1951), the american r&b and soul singer who is best known for soft rock ballads and disney duets.

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