Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my birthday month!

january was the longest month ever... and now, suddenly, it is april!
april, incidentally, is the best month there is.
why, you ask? because it's my birthday month, of course!
many fabulous people other than myself were also born in april, and thusly, i will share some of them with you daily for the entire month of april.

today: sean taylor (april 1, 1983 - november 27, 2007)
sean taylor was an incredibly talented football player who played for the university of miami before being drafted by the washington redskins in 2004. tragically, he was killed in 2007 when he was shot by an intruder in his miami home.
(sorry - i know that's kind of a bummer, but i think when he died, it really reminded me to live my life while i can, and live it the best way that i can. i mean, he was born ten days before me. he had so much potential and such a bright future, and it was all taken away just like that. it could happen to anyone.)

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