Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i grew up watching three shows religiously:

1. the simpsons
2. friends
3. seinfeld.

these are the shows that i grew up with, and at the same time i kind of feel like they grew up with me too. moments from these shows define certain moments of my life.
i'm pretty sure i'm not alone in this, either, because there are about a hundred million words and phrases that only make sense (or at least have a special meaning) in the context of these shows, and if you say any of them out loud, everyone else knows exactly what you're talking about.

i found this seinfeld dictionary today, and picked from it some of my very favorite seinfeldisms, which i have conveniently listed below, in alphabetical order, for your viewing pleasure:

astronaut pen
big salad
close talker
fusilli jerry
jimmy legs
low talker
soup nazi
stopping short
...and my personal favorite: "these pretzels are making me thirsty!"

happy birthday to comedian jerry seinfeld (april 29, 1954)!

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