Wednesday, April 9, 2008


my twentieth birthday present to myself was a ridiculously expensive purse. a limited edition louis vuitton cherry blossom pochette that i had to call fifteen different neiman marcus stores to even put my name on a waiting list to sit around and wait to see if i would even get. i remember the day i got the call - i was on my roommate's bed while she was no doubt doing some sort of graphic design homework and they called to tell me that they had gotten 8 bags in at their store and that i was the eighth name (!) on the list. my roomie came with me to the mall and i swear my heart was pounding like crazy the whole time!

it's a little bit wrong, i think, that a handbag can inspire so much passion and anxiety in a girl.
and also that i, as a college student, spent almost $500 on a single tiny purse. i mean, it barely holds chapstick*.
but i loved her. still do. and my mother lovingly refers to her as the "grand-purse."
(i guess it runs in the family...)

*this is a lie. it actually holds chapstick and lipgloss, my phone, some cash and credit cards, and also keys (as long as you don't have too many keys or a really big keychain).

today's birthday boy is american fashion designer marc jacobs (april 9, 1963), who is also the current creative director for louis vuitton.

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elysa said...

ahh the adventures of the grand purse and all the crazy ATMs