Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i heart hippies.

the original hippies of the 1960s sought to free themselves from the restrictions of established society, choose their own ways, and find new meanings in life. they championed ideals of beauty, honesty, love, peace, and freedom. they made good music (hello, woodstock? think janis joplin, the grateful dead, creedence clearwater revival, santana, the who, jefferson airplane, and jimi hendrix). they rejected the materialism of consumerist culture. they lived in communes, ate organic food, and hugged trees.

because of hippies, public political demonstrations are now considered legitimate and legal expressions of free speech. religious, cultural, and even sexual diversity are widely accepted. unmarried couples can live and travel together without the disapproval of society (your parents may be a different story). there is a greater awareness of our impact on the earth, and a greater interest in organic and natural foods. and did i mention there is good music?

these days there are still hippies. they come in all forms, and in all degrees of hippie-ness. my parents were/are hippies. most of my best friends are hippies. i am a hippie.

i believe in beauty, honesty, love, peace, and freedom. i believe in tolerance and respect. and i am as anti-consumerism as i can be for someone who works in the fashion industry (like i said, i believe in beauty...). i am a vegetarian, i eat organic foods, and i am absolutely a tree-hugger.

today's birthday boy is everyone's favorite texas-cowboy-hippie, willie nelson (april 30, 1933).

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Tanja said...

Happy Birthday Willie and yay to hippies, especially hippies in the fashion industry, like you!!!